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Running a business vs being employed

A short blog about the advantages and disadvantages of running a business and being employed… Running your own business Being employed Buck stops with you for everything Responsibility is shared – how much depends on the company! You’re more in control Someone else controls to some degree one third of your life. You only get […]

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A New Way to Set Goals

Everyone talks a lot about goals in business. It comes into your business plan, your strategies and how you deal with each new opportunity in your company. But so many of us really don’t know what we want so it becomes hard to set goals. I always love talking to my clients about their goals […]

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Just how good is your product?

In most factories, managers ask lots of questions, but never seem to ask themselves a crucial one… Would their employees buy their product? This might seem like a silly point, but think about it…. It can tell you a lot about your processes, organisation, employee loyalty and if you’re missing out on an easy captive […]

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21 Ways to be Awesome

Commanding respect at those crucial moments We’ve all had that moment where we’re anticipating that big meeting – the classic is the meeting with a celebrity. I had one a couple of years ago where I was due to meet a very iconic rock star – you may know him, he’s awesome on a piano […]

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