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Cybersecurity & email scam updates

Dated: 20 May 2020

COVID19 has meant a fundamental change in the way everyone is working across the board. This change has brought about some amazing innovations and paradigm shifts which will probably benefit many once the crisis is over. But, as with everything, for every person finding ways to improve lives, seeking to adapt or developing strategies in […]

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Thought leaders: How you could be one too

Dated: 30 May 2019

The term ‘thought leader’ is gaining a lot of interest in the business world, though the phrase has apparently been around since at least 1887. Defining what a ‘thought leader’ actually is can be a little more challenging… In general, the consensus is that it’s a go-to person, an authority in a specialist field and/or […]

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Why I’m so excited about the launch of High Wycombe Buzz networking

Dated: 11 March 2019

On one hand, it seems like only yesterday we launched Bedford Buzz, my first ever group. On another hand, it seems like a millennia ago – though actually, it’s only 5 years since I embarked on the first Bedfordshire Buzz meeting. I remember calling some of my close contacts begging them to come along and […]

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How to Create a Great Elevator Pitch

Dated: 23 February 2019

The idea of an elevator pitch is to memorably explain to someone in the time it takes to ride an elevator what you do. How long is an elevator ride? Well that’s variable. So how long should your pitch be? Personally, I like having a two stage elevator pitch (partially because audience participation is always […]

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It’s all too easy to get cheesy on Valentine’s Day

Dated: 30 January 2019

We all love a bit of fun in the lead up to Valentine’s Day, but is there a point where it all gets a bit too much of a gushing attempt at love-puns? Let’s face it, most of us may be quite cuddly types, but too many PDAs (Public Displays of Affection) can make even […]

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