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Get Technology Savvy

Being online savvy can really help your business. To win a race you only need to be 1% faster. The same rules apply for beating your competition on the internet and in the physical world. Taking advantage of ‘progress’ at a time when it’s still relatively new is a great idea, but how do you avoid those trends which are just hype?

iPhone & Android Apps

Take, for instance, iPhone and Android apps. Customers are buying more online either through apps, mobile internet or through their PCs. We’re at the stage where app technology works, the market is geared up and revenue is coming in for all kinds of industries plus, most importantly, they’re still cool.

It’s easier than you might think to get on the band-wagon as well. Android apps especially can be written by anyone. They’re written in Java which means that combined with Open Source Accessibility even small businesses can have an app written for them. It may not be cheap, but imagine the new customers you could reach.

Proven Technology is Important

However, be wary of pioneering strategies that aren’t yet accepted or proven. Video mobiles have been available for years, yet haven’t taken off with the force of apps or mobile phones themselves. The mobile network 3 originally promoted themselves as the best network for video calls, but didn’t manage to get the market to accept the idea. Now they are promoting themselves as the best network for iPhones. Considering the UK distribution exclusivity went to O2 originally, the general perception is they’re now just running with the pack – not being the pioneers they wanted to be.

Use the technology to access more people

You can pay for a bespoke app to be written or you can buy a standard app that can be customised to include your logo. Either way it doesn’t have to be hugely expensive but it really can enable your customers to stay up to date with what you’re doing and help your branding in a massive way.

It’s cool to pioneer and we’re in an age where being trendy is important. You don’t have to spend fortunes to do something new and interesting. In fact, it doesn’t have to be all that new. These new technologies enable you to develop new types of USP. Unique selling propositions are becoming so rare that many businesses have given up trying to be unique in their industries so is technology may be the answer?

Use up and coming trends to really stand out

Technology is the key to being more profitable and expanding into new areas. Moore’s law says that computer technology either halves in size or in price about every 18 months, so it’s important to try and keep up.

You may be worried about technology or a little shy of computers. It will be easier for businesses owners who are comfortable with the medium – but then that doesn’t stop you being a true entrepreneur by tapping into other people’s knowledge and outsourcing. Remember, it’s never too late to kick your business up a notch.

Some ideas you might like to look into

Selling online books or packages

Free or paid for iPhone and Android apps

Mobile Internet Shopping

Facebook FBML (Advanced Facebook Pages)

Online Surveys

Events (that help you connect with current and new clients)

Far reaching reseller agreements

Open Source Theory

Automated Sales