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The Impact of Generative AI on Digital Marketing: Should you use AI to write your content?

The use of artificial intelligence in the tech world is on the rise, with creators employing the tool to assist with generating images and content. But, can generative AI do everything a human being can?  Generative AI is artificial intelligence that produces content, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Users ask the bot a question or give […]

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Fixing WordPress Errors on your Website

WordPress is a mighty program, with a great set of editing features and an array of themes and plugins that can help even the newest WordPress user create a fantastic website. However, sometimes you might find errors occurring and there can be a number of reasons for them (everyone has their down days, right?).  If […]

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The world is in a hurry so of course website speed is important

Essentially, everyone is in such a rush they can’t even wait 400 milliseconds for your web page to load. Shocking right? That’s literally how long it takes to blink once. So understanding what’s affecting your website speed is the first step to getting lots more traction on Google. We’ve got all the tips to help […]

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Truesilver is celebrating 20 years!

Truesilver began many, many, MANY years ago on the 10th of October 2003 (which isn’t even possible because, obviously, I’m only 25). In that time the company has evolved from being based in telemarketing to servicing all areas of marketing, web design, and advice for business development. Our whole ethos has become about helping customers […]

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Facebook Hackers: We added a restriction to your account. See why…

You’d probably like to think that you can spot a message from a scam account a mile away, but it’s becoming harder and harder to distinguish authentic messages from fake ones.  There’s a Meta Business phishing message about account restrictions that’s becoming increasingly prolific – I’ve received 3 of these messages in the last 2 […]

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