Motivation and Work-life Balance

Xmas advice for fellow workaholics

Dated: 17 December 2014

If you’re like me, about this time of year you start totting up the days off you have (or haven’t) had in 2014, and realise that possibly you’ve been over doing it a little. Then you vow that you’ll have Christmas off – knowing that an important client could phone up at any moment from […]

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Resolutions – staying motivated

Dated: 2 January 2013

So, you’ve set your new Goals for the New Year… It’s day two of January – are you still motivated? If not, here’s a nice quick tip to keep you focussed: Think about what you don’t want. You’ve set your goals because you want to be better in some way (or that’s usually the case), […]

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How to always feel good about your business

Dated: 6 September 2011

Being in business can be a very lonely place. It’s a fact. And because you’re isolated you can often get caught up, lose your way a little or just generally feel a bit demotivated. So I thought I’d write a little blog about how you make sure you always feel good about your business. Here […]

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Are you a procrastinator

Dated: 6 September 2011

1. Do you think you have lots of time left for a project, but then find you’re rushing around at the last minute? 2. Do you think a task or project will take a long time so try and leave enough space in your day to do it all in one go. 3. Or even […]

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Motivate Monday

Dated: 6 September 2011

May be it’s not dark and drizzly where you are – but it is here! And there’s a lot of people tweeting and facebooking just what they think of Monday mornings… so hopefully this will help get your Monday rocking! Listen to music that gets you bopping Reward yourself Smile! It changes your physiology and […]

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