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How to set goals, stay on track and achieve more every day.

Resolutions – staying motivated

So, you’ve set your new Goals for the New Year… It’s day two of January – are you still motivated? If not, here’s a nice quick tip to keep you focussed: Think about what you don’t want. You’ve set your goals because you want to be better in some way (or that’s usually the case), […]

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How to always feel good about your business

Being in business can be a very lonely place. It’s a fact. And because you’re isolated you can often get caught up, lose your way a little or just generally feel a bit demotivated. So I thought I’d write a little blog about how you make sure you always feel good about your business. Here […]

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Do you work Bank Holidays

Being in business these days can become a 24 hour occupation. Smartphones mean we’re never far away from our emails, phone calls from clients can be difficult to ignore and for some people even a bank holiday weekend means lots of work. So what are your views on working on weekends and bank holidays? Do […]

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How to make New Year’s Resolutions Work

2010 is here and at midnight of December 31st millions of people across the world promised to do less of what they were doing too much of the year before. Resolutions are great things, new start, new goals and all that… but why is it so many people ‘fall off the wagon’ before January is […]

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A New Way to Set Goals

Everyone talks a lot about goals in business. It comes into your business plan, your strategies and how you deal with each new opportunity in your company. But so many of us really don’t know what we want so it becomes hard to set goals. I always love talking to my clients about their goals […]

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