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Truesilver is celebrating 20 years!

Truesilver began many, many, MANY years ago on the 10th of October 2003 (which isn’t even possible because, obviously, I’m only 25).

In that time the company has evolved from being based in telemarketing to servicing all areas of marketing, web design, and advice for business development. Our whole ethos has become about helping customers to grow in the way that suits them best, whether that’s outsourcing their marketing or learning and developing the entrepreneurial skills to advance their company themselves.

A little over a year ago I opened the walk-in web design shop on Hitchin Street so that clients could pop in to meet the faces behind the screens. The shop has been an amazing success, with people embracing the face-to-face element of designing their websites and growing their empires.

To celebrate our big birthday and all the businesses we’ve seen flourish under our guidance, Truesilver are hosting a free anniversary event. When trying to decide how to mark the occasion I noticed a recurring theme; I like cheese, and I like wine. So, there was one logical solution… a cheese and wine evening! All friends of Truesilver, along with any other folks that fancy coming in to say ‘hello’ and ‘happy birthday’ are invited to join us on the 6th of October for our cheese and wine tasting event. It’s from 3 pm-7 pm and is completely free!

We can’t wait to see you all to wave goodbye to our teenage years in style.