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How to write inspirational content for your website

Published 21 May 2019

Adding content to your website regularly is vital for Google rankings. Gone are the days of paying someone to sit in a dark room and add SEO code to your website to trick Google into thinking it should rank your website higher. Now it’s all about content. New content. Engaging content. And that can be […]

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A quick guide to securing your computer from WannaCry – for over 18s only

Published 15 May 2017

Ok, first off, I’m not an IT expert. I manage servers, websites and my own computers and have done so for over 20 years. These are the steps I took this morning, just for my own peace of mind. You should always consult an IT professional about your security. That said, they might be busy […]

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How to use categories and tags on your blog

Published 8 May 2017

Morning all! Leigh here. I get asked a lot about how to use categories and tags for a blog, so I thought I’d write a little article to help you all out a little. If you’ve been through one of our WordPress training sessions or you have a website with us, you’ll probably have heard […]

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When should you contact a web designer?

Published 12 July 2016

If you’re starting a new business, the to-do-list can become overwhelming and it’s sometimes difficult to know when to get what done. A website can end up being left to the last minute. There might be many reasons why; you’re busy putting capital and finance in place, you don’t want to incur costs too early, […]

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Why Content Management Is So Important

Published 18 September 2013

In the old days, a small business would buy a website design, they would pay about £100 per page and it would either sit there – unchanged – for a couple of years… or any changes would cost an arm and a leg. Content management software (aka CMS) is not new, but there have been […]

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