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Raising Money for Macmillan

Dated: 7 April 2017

Hello everyone! On this gorgeous sunny Friday morning, I have suddenly realised I have about 48 hours to raise £50!!! Please help! Sounds easy doesn’t it? Read on… Donate via the form below The fabulous Simon Jarvis (who plays rugby at the even more fabulous Biggleswade Rugby Club) has put together a challenge for us […]

What goals should you be setting for your social media?

Dated: 11 October 2016

We all know people who are high achievers and always seem to get what they want, and you can bet your bottom dollar they’ve got one thing in common – setting goals. It doesn’t work in all cases, of course. I once had a very clear goal of dating Mel Gibson, and that never happened… […]

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If you used to do this, now try this marketing strategy

Dated: 20 August 2015

The basic rules of marketing don’t change. Though many popular mediums are now online, the same rules that used to apply are still relevant today. It’s always been about: 1. Getting your marketing in front of the right people 2. Grabbing their attention 3. Compelling them to take action If anything, this process is some […]

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Hootlet not working – solution

Dated: 10 July 2015

Hi all. Leigh Frost here. If you’re like us and you use the Hootlet a lot, this mornings change to Hootsuite may have left you a little frustrated – to say the least! Testing @HootSuite #Hootlet again. They claim links are appended to tweets, but it hasn't been working. Looking for other options. — Rick […]

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How to write your first blog

Dated: 20 March 2015

Is it ironic to be writing a blog about how to write a blog – or would that only be if I don’t know how to write a blog? It’s a big thing to start writing your own blog. There are a lot of questions people ask: Do I REALLY need to write a blog? […]

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