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Raising Money for Macmillan

Hello everyone!

On this gorgeous sunny Friday morning, I have suddenly realised I have about 48 hours to raise £50!!! Please help!

Sounds easy doesn’t it? Read on…

Donate via the form below

The fabulous Simon Jarvis (who plays rugby at the even more fabulous Biggleswade Rugby Club) has put together a challenge for us rugger lot: to raise £50 in sponsorship in order to play at Simon’s Charity Fundraiser match on 6th May. The aim is to raise £10,000 in total (there’s an evening do – please do get a ticket!)

Note: Yes, I play rugby. I’ve got to put these shoulders to use somehow haven’t I? 🙂 🙂

With The Big Buzz last Friday and Bedford Buzz and Bedford Jelly this week, it had totally slipped my mind! So please help make up for me being rubbish and help me raise £50…

Here’s the ‘kicker’

The aim is to get 25 people donating £2 each. Obviously, if you want to donate more, that’s fab. But I need 25 of you lovely, lovely people to support me. I promise to post lots of silly rugby pictures afterwards.

For more details about the day visit (and come and support) the event at https://www.facebook.com/events/978351338933726/

As I’ve left this to the last minute, I’ll be covering all Paypal fees myself. This is an exercise in seeing just how far social media can go in 48 hours – it should be fun!!!

Donate by entering your name and the amount you want to pledge – it’s for a fantastic cause!

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