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Valentines Day Marketing Ideas

One of the most common things clients say to me is that they struggle to find ideas for new posts or competition. An easy way to come up with inspiration is to base them on a theme – such as Valentine’s Day! Start now with the two weeks run up and be ahead of your competition, rather than jumping on the bandwagon at the last minute.

Here are just some theme ideas…

Love theme

An easy one is to talk about how much people ‘love’ your product or services. Use testimonials, graphics and images to engage people more. You can also design a campaign around getting more likes and give away something with Valentine’s theme. You can also ‘show some love’ to clients and suppliers by giving them a mention on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Red or pink theme

Not really feeling mushy yourself? How about going for a red or a pink theme. If you sell a number of products of different colours usually, focus on the red ones. Take pictures of pink things you see… or give away something red! The possibilities are endless but also incredibly simple

Treat yourself theme

A very common one in the hospitality industry is to talk about treating yourself or others. You can take this a little further with inanimate objects such as a ‘treat your computer’ or ‘treat your business’ style idea. After January it’s a great excuse to encourage people to splurge a little and think about rewarding themselves for getting through a tough month.

Hearts theme

Depending on what you sell, you might just be able to get away with some heart shaped products or photos – think biscuits or cakes. Or you can make a heart shape out of almost anything: Jellybeans, beads, coins… even people!

Get a little lighthearted (see what we did there?) with your marketing and you’ll see some lovely responses… or get in touch for a free social media ideas session