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Fight Procrastination and Get Networking this September!

Summer 2023 is drawing to a close and Business Buzz is here to help you kick off your autumn.

Our first September event is Bedford Buzz on the 6th, which just so happens to be Fight Procrastination Day! 🥊🥊 

This is the perfect coincidental reminder that September is a great time to get proactive and get out to a networking event. After a nice relaxing summer, it can take a while to get back into the swing of things (assuming you’ve had a chance to relax) so the Buzz team are ready to introduce you to some exciting new contacts. 

Our Bedford event on the 6th of September is taking place at the George and Dragon, Mill Street, from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. It’s only £8 plus VAT and includes unlimited caffeine, brownies and cookies along with the warmest of welcomes. Tickets are available on the Business Buzz website.

If you can’t make it, never fear! There are plenty of other events to help you give procrastination the boot. Check out our full list of events

With just one-third of the year left, there’s no better time to commit to making 2023 your most successful year ever. Here are some of our top tips for networking to set you off to a flying start: 

Bring your Networking Toolkit

There’s very little you need to bring to a Buzz event, but here are some handy things to bring along. 

  • Your business cards or leaflets
  • A pen in case you want to make a note on someone’s card 
  • Your diary/access to your online calendar to book those all-important one-to-one meetings with your new contacts
  • A smile! It’ll help to relax you and those around you – networking is a fun chance to get out of the office!

Be prepared 

Buzz events are informal, so there’s no need for lots of preparation, but having some questions up your sleeve can help you out if you’re feeling a bit nervous. 

Figure out logistics ahead of time 

To save yourself added stress on your way to the event, check out local parking ahead of time. It’s also a good chance to double you check you’ve got the correct time and address. Also, where possible, book your ticket in advance. Nothing ramps up the nerves like getting stuck fiddling with your phone as soon as you arrive! 

Don’t forget your PMA! 

A positive mental attitude will help you to feel more relaxed and will draw others to you. People don’t just attend networking events to find new business; local events are a great way to stay connected within the community, expand your contact base or even develop existing relationships. So, it isn’t all about being the life and soul of the party; all you need is a positive, friendly attitude to make a brilliant first impression. 

At Buzz events we always start by introducing you to some friendly faces, particularly if it’s your first time, so you don’t feel like the only stranger in a room full of people. We’re also there throughout the event for extra support if you need it! 

Set a goal 

Head into the event with an idea of what you want to achieve. A good goal is to aim for at least 3 or 4 conversations with new people, leading to 2 one-to-ones outside of the meeting. A one-to-one can be as simple as grabbing a coffee with someone who can refer business or contacts to you. 

Feel confident when striking up a conversation 

Having a question or two ready is an ideal way to start a conversation with confidence. 

Have you been here before? 

How are you finding the event? 

Do you do much networking? 

What is it that you do? 

Questions such as these, or your own that suits your style, help to break the ice. 

You should also consider how you’d answer these questions, especially ‘What do you do?’. Ahead of the meeting, think about how you’d describe what you do in a short but memorable way. Our blog on elevator pitches might give you some helpful ideas. 

So, to end the year on a high for your business, commit to showing procrastination who’s boss! Head out to some networking events and expand your contact list and business opportunities. Here’s to an autumn of success!