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Resolutions – staying motivated

So, you’ve set your new Goals for the New Year… It’s day two of January – are you still motivated?

If not, here’s a nice quick tip to keep you focussed:

Think about what you don’t want.

You’ve set your goals because you want to be better in some way (or that’s usually the case), but we’re actually more motivated by the prospect of pain than anything else.

By thinking about what you don’t want to happen this year, you’re thinking properly about the things that you want to avoid.

In terms of your goals, what happens if you don’t achieve them? If the answer is nothing, then you may have hit on the real reason you’re wavering already. Make sure the consequences are things that you really identify with – not things that you ‘should’ identify with.

For example, if your goal is to lose weight, your doctor may tell you that if you don’t you’ll be unhealthy. But what the doctor says may be less powerful than the need to eat chocolate!

However, if you realise that gaining weight means going up a size and having to buy new clothes, that might just motivate you more.

Good luck – and stay motivated!