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How to write your first blog

how to write a blog

Is it ironic to be writing a blog about how to write a blog – or would that only be if I don’t know how to write a blog?

It’s a big thing to start writing your own blog. There are a lot of questions people ask:

Do I REALLY need to write a blog?
What is a blog?
What platform / website should I use?
What on earth can I write about?
How do I get started?

So I’ll go through each one for you and hopefully it’ll help. You can also ask me a question using the form at the bottom of this page.

Do I REALLY need to write a blog?

If you run a business, the short answer is, unfortunately, ‘Yes, yes you do.’ There are a number of reasons to write a blog of some sort – see What is a blog? below.

The first reason is your website will get found more if you are adding new content to it regularly. Google likes new content. It likes websites that are updated regularly.

The second reason is that it helps potential customers find out more about you and your products / services.

There are a number of other reasons such as wild card searches, credibility, providing relevant social media content, but these are the main ones.

What is a blog?

Once upon a time a blog was short for web log. Meaning an online diary of sorts. These days a blog doesn’t have to be a diary – it can be news, hints, tips, pictures, recipes etc. Blog is used as an all-encompassing term for a date related section of your website.

What platform / website should I use?

That one is tricky, as it depends on what you’re trying to get out of your website and/or blog. The key for a business website is that the URL link should be part of your website – this will help with getting people to find you and with traffic to your site.

For instance WordPress is a great blogging system, but install it onto your own web hosting or server so that it adds more to your site rather than using the website.

If you need help with how to do that ask your web developer or give us a call on 01767 222631.

There are lots of blogging systems. Personally we like WordPress as it quite versatile. Be wary of a web company’s own CMS system. Make sure you ask the question about how easy it is to transfer your hard work (ie your pages and blogs) on to another system – and possibly get it in writing!

What on earth can I write about?

This is the fun part. You can write about anything. If your business is mostly ‘you’, then writing about your life is ok. For all other businesses you can write about articles in the news, new regulations (if you’re a regulated business) and what they mean to your clients.

Remember this rule though – it’s not about what you want to say; it’s about what your customers need to hear. One of my catchphrases is “be interesting, useful or fun.” There is the fourth hidden option of being controversial, but that can be a tough one to manage well.

Interesting posts can be what’s new, what’s trending, your ‘take’ or opinion of something, pictures etc etc.

Useful can be information that may be the general public doesn’t know. Answer a question that your customers ask you on a frequent basis – for example “how do I write a blog”. Step by step guides are great too.

Fun can be anything you find fun in your business. Events are great to take photos of and post. If you have a visual product or service, take photos of before and after. Let your character show through a little and people will respond.

How do I get started?

A good first blog can be a little about your journey to your business. Try not to make it sound like a manifesto or your memoirs; but people like to peek behind the veil.

Or pick a good question to answer that can appeal to a wide range of people. Something basic like what to look for in a good [enter your product or service here]

To get started writing I always suggest starting out writing with a paper and pen – not directly on to a computer. This is because pen and paper is a much more natural action and takes less brain capacity, leaving you plenty of thought space to write and create a ‘flow’

To help you keep the article concise you can use this format:

The Title
Main point No.1
Main point No.2
Main point No.3

You’ll find once you’ve written it, you’ve wiggled outside of the confines of the format, which is fine. This is just a good place to start and to focus your thoughts.

Once you’ve written your blog…

Post it on your social media platforms, make sure it comes up on your home page of your website (helps with Google again) and start thinking about your next one!