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MK Can: Milton Keynes FoodBank’s World Record Challenge

What’s cooler than saying you were instrumental in breaking a world record? 

Saying that you did it for charity! 

MK Food Bank’s latest drive, MK Can, is an attempt to break the record for the world’s longest line of cans of food. 

The current record is held by a food bank in Cape Town, who managed a whopping 90,000 cans. With this ambitious target firmly in their sights, MK Food Bank are hoping to gather 132,000 cans across a 10km route! If achieved, this will provide over half of the canned provisions they need to support local families and individuals for an entire year. 

The only way to do it? Teamwork of course! 

MK Food Bank are dividing the route into 25-metre-long sections. Each section can be adopted by schools, businesses and groups in the community, of which they need 400… which is where we come in! 

Milton Keynes is the home of one of our busiest networking groups, so we’re looking to give back to the wonderful community there. In order to raise the £250 sponsorship fee and 350 cans needed to fill a section, we’re mobilising our network – we know what a generous bunch you are. We’re asking for donations of £10 or £20 and 20 cans so that we can come together to adopt a group section. 

As if doing your bit for charity wasn’t rewarding enough, we want to help you get the word out about your business too so you’ll get a BIG shout out on all our socials, your logo on this email and the knowledge that you’ve helped a great charity. You’ll also be able to hand out promotional materials to members of the public who come along to see the spectacle. With local and national news coverage and professional photography throughout the day, the publicity is a huge added bonus for those involved. 

On top of the charitable effort in the current cost of living crisis, MK Food Bank are hoping smashing the record will raise the profile of Milton Keynes as a whole, attracting wide-reaching, positive publicity with such a community-centric event. 
MK Can is taking place on the 16th of October in and around Campbell Park in Central Milton Keynes. Our deadline to sign-up for a section is September 15th, so we’re asking you to reach out if you fancy doing your bit for the community in Milton Keynes and joining our team!