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Handy guide to Buzz networking events

There are so many different ways to network these days, it can be a little confusing for new networkers.  So here’s a the low down on Buzz and what to expect at your first meeting.

The format of all our events is roughly the same.  We all meet once a month at 10am to 12 noon,* at the same venue, and bring together local entrepreneurs and business owners and discover new business opportunities. (* NOTE: Apart from London. Meetings in The City are 11am to 1pm. )

When you arrive you’ll be signed in, warmly welcomed, introduced to a few people and shown to the all-important tea and coffee!  We believe our Buzz welcome is one of the main reasons our events are so popular. It’s really key to our guests and making that initial ‘walk into the room’ less daunting.  While the meeting does last two hours, we always joke there’s no such thing as late; you can drop by any time between 10am and 12 noon and stay for 15 mins or the whole session.

Buzz is all about making connections so there’s no meeting agenda, just mingling and chatting with various people and sharing ideas or opportunities.  We believe the more you talk, the more business gets done so we facilitate that as much as possible.

At around 11am, there’s a brief interlude, where we go around the room and ask all guests to very briefly say their name, their company and their industry.  It’s not a speech.  You won’t be asked to give any more than that, it’s simply a good way for everyone to find out who is in the room and allow us to introduce you to more people. 

The only variations are our Big Buzz regional events.  These events are bigger, include the opportunity to book a stand space and bring everyone from the whole region and beyond together for one BIG networking event each year.  For more details of the upcoming Big Buzz Bucks visit http://www.business-buzz.org/events-tickets/big-buzz-buckinghamshire-22-may-2019/

The people who come along to Buzz are so varied, you’ll meet a wide range of business people from all walks of life!  We’re also extremely lucky to attract all sizes of companies too; from multinationals right through to micro businesses.  There are new people every month as well, often half the attendees are new faces trying Buzz networking for the first time. Attendance at our groups is 20 – 60 people on average, depending on which group you go to and what else is happening in the area. 

If you’re looking to prepare for your first Buzz, you don’t need to bring very much at all.  Just bring your business cards, a can-do attitude and £5 (£10 for Big Buzz events and London events).  You’re welcome to bring along promotional literature if you don’t have business cards but remember that Buzz is about building connections, so hand them to people personally.

It’s really easy to build success from your networking meetings. Just make sure you’re having a couple of one-to-one meetings over coffee with connections that you think you might be able to work together with outside of the meetings.  Remember that success in networking comes from finding people who can refer you to lots of potential customers and vice-versa, so finding out more about other people’s business on a personal level will really help.

The whole aim of Buzz is to give you effective, simple networking that fits into your life, so there’s no catches, no membership, no scary speeches and no commitment which, judging by our growing popularity, seems to work!

To find an event near you, visit  www.business-buzz.org. There’s no need to book either just drop by when you can.