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Facebook Top Fans on Business Pages

Facebook started rolling out the new Top Fans facility around mid 2018 across eligible business pages. If you remember the original FourSquare app with mayorships, it’s very reminiscent of that – with regularly engaging profiles being rewarded with a Top Fan badge. I’ve been asked by a few people now what exactly the Top Fan badge means, so I thought it would be a great article to write for this week’s update.

What exactly is a Top Fan?

A Top Fan badge is automatically awarded on eligible pages to profiles who do one or more of the following on a regular basis:

    Watching videos

    Liking posts

    Reacting to content

    Commenting on posts

    Sharing posts

The fan can accept or decline the Top Fan badge and, if they accept, their profile will show at the top of your page in the list of Top Fans.

How do I turn Top Fans on or off?

To turn the facility on or off you just go to your Page > Settings > Facebook Badges and then click to turn off/on Top Fan badges. Find more information on Facebook’s tutorial

    You’ll only be able to do this on an eligible page. Pages who can be eligible have:

    More than 10,000 followers

    Are at least 28 days old

    Switched to video template for pages

    Aren’t using the Civic Engagement badge

Can I remove a Top Fan?

You can remove a Top Fan badge from a user by clicking on their comment on your page and selecting Remove Badge.

Why are Top Fans useful?

In some ways the Top Fan badge is a little reward to people who engage regularly – which is always a good thing. In some ways it’s not really a big deal. Should you worry about your small business page not having Top Fans? Not really. For Facebook it works on many levels; encouraging regular engagement from personal profiles as well as encouraging pages with less than 10,000 followers to advertise so they can reach the next level.

In short, many small businesses won’t have access to the Top Fan badge facilities unless Facebook decides to roll it out to smaller followings as well, but it’s still worth knowing what to expect should that happen in the future.

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