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Marketing Tips

Marketing is an important part of any business. Because getting it wrong can be costly and time consuming, here are some tips to help you…

1. Have a clear understanding of the clients you want to attract. What type of personality they are likely to be and how they deal with information is key.

2. Know your outcome. “Putting the word out there” won’t necessarily get you more business. Think about how you can get more people contacting you now.

3. Understand the medium you are using. Advertising through papers, leaflets, directories, direct mail and the like tends to be the first marketing people try. It can be very costly and will only get the results you want if you have the budget to do it consistently over a long period of time. Targeted marketing that gets you talking to customers and interacting is best.

4. Most people start out doing “I’m here!” marketing with their company name, logo and list of services. The best marketing is “you need us because…” marketing. Where you focus on solving a problem.

5. Test and measure everything! There are always ways to test things out on a small scale before spending fortunes. Find out what works before you spend lots of money.

6. Write all your copy with the words “you” and “your” included as much as possible. This makes it more relevant to the reader.

7. Finally get 5 or more friends and clients to proof read anything you send out. Check they can easily understand it, that there are no errors and that it has the right image for you.

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