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Motivate Monday

May be it’s not dark and drizzly where you are – but it is here! And there’s a lot of people tweeting and facebooking just what they think of Monday mornings… so hopefully this will help get your Monday rocking!

Listen to music that gets you bopping

Reward yourself

Smile! It changes your physiology and your state of mind.

Focus and set a couple of short targets for the day

Refocus if you can’t stop thinking about all that work you have to do. Focus on something that helps you feel more in control.

Eat something healthy that will also give you a good energy boost (beware of sugar highs as the crash afterward won’t help!)

Vitamin B & C not only help your immune system but also help you feel good. They’re a big ingredient in energy drinks and are a great way to give yourself a boost in the morning.

Move around and get your blood moving.

Have someone on hand who also wants to get motivated this morning and send each other little messages via text or email throughout the day.

We love joke sites such as www.comedycentral.com www.lotsofjokes.com and obviously You Tube is a great place to find your favourite comedian for a good laugh.

Sit up straight for a bit and breathe slowly and deeply. Jen Tiller says breathing from the diaphragm is important rather than from the top of your chest. http://www.jentiller.com/

Quick Fact: Any activity that helps you produce more of the naturally occurring feel good chemicals such as endorphins (short for endogenous morphine) and dopamine help you feel more energetic and motivated.