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Changes to accessing Remo

👉👉 (Contact details for tech support are below)

How to access the virtual Buzz event

All our bookings are now via the app and really easy to access. Just follow these simple steps. Please read the IMPORTANT changes to logging into Remo here

Open or download Google Chrome Browser onto your laptop or computer. 

(Here’s a link to download from Google.co.uk https://www.google.co.uk/chrome/)

Copy and paste this link into Chrome to access the desktop version of the Buzz app

Login to the Buzz app with the username and password you used to purchase your ticket.
Click ‘Tickets’ and then click today’s Buzz ticket.
At 10am, click ‘Join online event’

Lastly, login or sign up to the super fun Remo system…

If you have been to a Buzz before and you’re LOGGING IN, then you may need to get your Remo password see below. 
1. If you have saved your Remo login details and password in a file, please use those.

2. If you haven’t saved your passwords to Chrome then please select forgot password.

3. If you have saved your passwords to Chrome please copy and paste this link into Chrome:


and search Remo in the right-hand box near the top of the white section (not the blue section – see screenshot below)

Then click the eye to show your password. You may need to enter your laptop’s admin password. Then copy and paste the Remo password into your ticket link page.

Message me on https://www.linkedin.com/in/truesilver/ if you need any help at all.
And BOOM! You’ll be into the event and we’ll help you get orientated and meet lots of new people.

Free tech support is available throughout all our events.
Get in touch if you have any tech issues at all…
If you have any technical issues at all, I’m available on the reception table at any time and you can call 01767 222631. I will also be monitoring my Linkedin messages at https://www.linkedin.com/in/truesilver/