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Cornetto: Advertising win or advertising fail?

I saw this today: a Cornetto ice cream advert. Simple enough.

But it is, after all, 21st January; at the time it was one degree outside in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire; and who on earth is thinking about eating ice cream?!

But then, in the true Schrödinger’s cat style I have seen the advert. I have taken a picture of the advert. Cornetto is now firmly wedged in my mind and possibly yours because it’s such an inappropriate time to be advertising ice cream.

So my question to you is “Is this an advertising win or an advertising fail”?

Playing devil’s advocate, while at first it seemed ludicrous, I’m now wondering what else you could advertise in the completely wrong place for shock and attention grabbing value… Extreme sports holidays in Saga Magazine? Electric blankets in summer?

I’m interested in your thoughts.