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Our halloween social media icons

Dated: 26 October 2011

Fancy a little fun with your icons this halloween? We have designed these simple little icons. Copy, save as and download as you wish. Our little pressie to you this Halloween! (By the way, remember to follow us too. Happy Halloween!)

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Staying healthy when work gets busy

Dated: 24 October 2011

As business owners we’re often told we need more work-life balance. Not just for the sake of our families and relationships, but for health purposes as well. Sometimes, work does take over a little, so it can be useful to know your vitamins and know the effects of certain situations in order to make sure […]

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Newsletters – improve the impact of yours

Dated: 19 October 2011

… by simply improving the subject title! Imagine this… you’ve had a busy day. You’ve just dealt with a desk load of admin and you’re about to go home. A ‘bong’ sound tells you that an email has arrived in your inbox. You really, really want to go home. But you also want to make […]

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The best marketing advice I ever received…

Dated: 11 October 2011

…Never sell on price! In the midst of the Supermarket Price Wars, and reading about Sainsbury’s joining the fray, I am reminded of Selling to Win by Richard Denny, sales trainer. His basic rule was “don’t sell on price!” When you sell on price, you devalue yourself and your product. When you sell only on […]

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