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Writing Great About and Services pages for your website

When you’re putting together your first website, writing your About page and Services page(s) can be daunting. All that blank space! So here are some tips to get you started.

Make some notes

Firstly, plan what you’re going to say in short bullet points. Start with your About page. Are you going to call it ‘About Us’, ‘About Me’ or simply ‘About’. There are no hard and fast rules, though generally, people who deal one to one with clients tend to prefer ‘About Me’.

Then make some notes about your background to start with. It helps with creativity to hand write the notes and first drafts in the first instance. You’ll be able to write content that flows and you won’t be too caught up in being too precise or perfect.

Here are some questions to give you some ideas and they can be repeated for several team members…

For your About page:

  • Where did you grow up? If you’re a local business, being a local person is a good selling point.
  • Were there any parts of your childhood or growing up that were early signs of your talents (relating to your business)
  • Do any of your achievements at school or college relate to your business now?
  • How does your previous work experience help with your business now?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • Any hobbies or interests?

The next part of your About page is a great place to talk about what the business is about. This can be quite short or quite long depending on how clear you are about your goals and ethos for the company.

  • What’s your vision for the company?
  • What are your goals?
  • In general terms, how do you help people? Don’t go into too much detail about your services for this section, but an overview works great.
  • Being truly unique is sometimes challenging, but if you have a unique selling point, include that.
  • Where are you located?
  • How do people get in touch or make that first contact with you to start using your services?

For your Services page:

Your Services page can be one page with details of your services or, if you’re covering a lot of services for different types of people, then you might want to split out services into several pages.

For each service write some bullet points about who the service is for, what you help with and how the service is delivered. This is about selling yourself so really drill down into what customers are left with after you’ve completed your work and what problems you solve.

Remember, people buy what they can’t do for themselves or what they don’t want to do for themselves.

Writing the first draft

Now you have lots of notes that give you a starting point. As above, most people are able to be much more creative if they hand write the first drafts.

Try to write in a way that tells your story. Your early life helps tell where you began, then how your idea for your business developed and where your future is heading.

Depending on what type of industry you’re in, the more you can talk about yourself on a personal level, the more people will feel like they know you before they meet you. Things like your interests, hobbies and where you come from help put a face to the business and increase sales.

When writing your services, give people a clear idea of what they’re buying and the process. This is a good time to iron out your call to action too. A call to action is simply where you tell your potential customer what to do next. It could be just to get in touch on a contact form (available free with any Truesilver website package) or you may want them to book a time for a free session or discovery call.

Make it as easy as possible for your next perfect customer to start the journey of working with you.

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