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Free Facebook Advertising Credits

Your Step by Step Guide to Applying for up to £80 in Facebook Advertising Credits

To view our PDF version with screen shots go to https://truesilver.co.uk/Facebook_Voucher_Guide.pdf

The little blighters at Facebook seriously know how to make an offer go viral don’t they? And there are soooo many complaints about the confusion caused by the campaign.

So here’s the criteria:

1. Your business page must have at least 50 fans / likes
2. You must be based in the UK
3. Your page must be listed as “Local businesses & places” at the time of registering your Facebook page.

To find out whether you fit these criteria go to your page

Your business news feed page tells you straight away how many likes you have.

Then scroll up to view your admin panel. (if you’ve previously hidden this then you’ll need to scroll up on your business news feed and click [Admin Panel] on the top right of your page.)

You’ll need to click [Manage] and then [Settings]

You’ll then need to click [Basic Information] on the left hand side.

Which will show you immediately whether you are registered as a Local Business & Places.

NB: The official line is that you must be listed as a ‘Local Business’ which is misleading as there is a sub category called Local Business.

So you’ve found out if you’re eligible – what now??!

To view our PDF version with screen shots go to https://truesilver.co.uk/Facebook_Voucher_Guide.pdf

Again, the official information isn’t the clearest, so here is a step by step guide in case you’re lost.

Before we start here’s some useful links:

Enterprise Nation: Boost your business with Facebook

Register and Download the Enterprise Nation Free Facebook Book

Download the Facebook Official Guide to Facebook Ads

Step One – Go to the Facebook Marketing Business Page

Click this link

Which will take you to this page

Step Two – Important! You need to like the page

You may not be able to access the correct pages if you haven’t clicked [Like] – Plus they might give out free money again! 

Step Three – Click the not so obvious Small Business Boost Button!

It doesn’t jump out at you, so you might miss it.

Failing that, just click https://www.facebook.com/FacebookMarketingUK/app_343366315704654 which will take you to the app for you to register.

Step Four – Click Apply Now

Step Five – Allow the app & fill in the forms

You’ll then need to click to watch the video.

Once the video has ended you’ll see a pair of scissors which you need to click on (clear as mud again!) which will then give you your voucher code.

Step six – Start a Facebook Campaign

This is the slightly trickier bit – you’ll need to plan and start your Ad Campaign. It might need a little thought so if you want some help with planning it and making the most of your marketing – give us a shout.

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