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Know your strengths – 10 Simple Principles of Marketing

Know your marketing strengths - dumbells

Trying to be all things to all people is not only costly and time consuming, but also really wears you out. Knowing why people buy from you and what your strengths are is key to making your marketing really successful.

The tricky bit is matching your strengths to what your ideal client wants.

For instance if you’re a small family business, then that can be a strength if you’re aiming for people who want a friendly, personal approach.

However, if you’re aiming for people who want quick, no fuss service, then knowing that promoting yourself simply as a small family business can be associated with slow service and old fashioned values.

Lots of things that you may have thought could be perceived as weaknesses in your business can become assets with a little marketing ‘spin’.

Things like working from home can become more about keeping overheads down and being able to meet clients face to face at their home or office at a time convenient to them. Whilst at the same time, having premises can mean more privacy and being able to show them first hand what you’re offering.

Here’s a list of some other strengths and weaknesses you may be hiding under your own little bushel which can be worked to your advantage with a little creativity…

Sole trader
VAT registered
Not VAT registered
High end products
Low cost products
New business
Established business
Part time business
Online customer support only
Telephone customer services only
Payments taken through Paypal
Small selection of products
Wide selection of products
Delivery times

The big thing as far as your clients are concerned is that they can trust you and that they know what they are getting. That means using the facts to your advantage and never ever lying!

A lot of companies try to look larger than they are, which is the accepted norm on the internet, but be extremely careful how far you take this. You can actually create a lot of loyalty by simply saying that it is just you, the phones will only be answered in the evening if you’re part time but they will always get a response within 24 hours and emails are welcome at any time of day…

My big tip? Know why you’re great – match that to what your clients want and be proud of your business.