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Creating your Google Plus Business Page

Some people may find that trying to set up their own Google Plus Page isn’t as easy as it seems – there’s finding the Create a Page link to start with!

Though the google instructions says to click on the ‘Create a page’ link on the side of your stream, many Google Plus users will find that it’s not there

So you can either simply scroll down to the bottom of your stream and find it at the bottom, or click this link https://plus.google.com/pages/create

However, you will need to sign up to a personal profile first if you haven’t already. Feel free to add Leigh Frost & Truesilver to your circles when you do!

Once there, chose the type of page you would like from the 5 options on the left hand side. These are much like the Facebook page options.

Then enter the main phone number for your business. If you have already added your business to Google Places or Google Maps, then the phone number you’ve used on that listing will bring up your business details automatically.

… Like so! Click the entry that fits you, if there is more than one then you might want to open a separate browser and see which entry for your business was created by you and which has been automatically added from another source.

Make sure the details shown are correct.

Then chose your main category – there are at the time of writing this only 14 to chose from:

Home and Construction
Education and Culture
Entertainment and Recreation
Banking and Finance
Fuel and Automotive
Health and Beauty
Manufacturing, Mining, Utilities, Agriculture, Fishing
Professional Services
Shipping and Postage
Shops and Shopping

Then decide whether you want your business profile to be visible to everyone or not.

Accept the terms and conditions and create your page.

To complete the set up you will also want a square logo – we used one that was 360 x 380 and then expanded the selected area.

Then update your profile info and remember to add a link on your other profiles on Facebook and Twitter to get more people in your circles.