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Newsletters – improve the impact of yours

Newsletter Effectiveness

… by simply improving the subject title!

Imagine this… you’ve had a busy day. You’ve just dealt with a desk load of admin and you’re about to go home. A ‘bong’ sound tells you that an email has arrived in your inbox. You really, really want to go home. But you also want to make sure that it’s something that can wait until tomorrow – and that it’s not another order coming through.

The email subject reads “October Newsletter”

Question. Do you:

a) Stop and read the email
b) Leave the email to be read tomorrow
c) Delete the email
d) Unsubscribe and delete the email.

Personally, unless I know the company is hugely interesting, I’d probably delete the email. We are inundated with emails these days – some of the spam has actually become amusing, some of them are things we really do need to read

… and then there are the newsletters.

By spending a little time thinking up a new title you will engage more people. Stop using “October Newsletter” or just “Bloggs Limited Monthly Newsletter”.

Make it inviting by telling the reader why to read what you’ve sent them. Make it relevant to them by including their town or industry in the title.

Ask a question. Questions are a brilliant way to pique someone’s interest. Have you seen this? Can we help you do ‘x’? Would you like to ‘y’?

Give them a reason to open your newsletter. And above all, stand out from the spam. (That means don’t be too vague or salesy)

The subject is such a simple way to entice people to read what you’ve probably spent hours preparing and putting together. Spend a little time on it and you’ll get more response to your monthly bulletins!