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Virtual Marketing Package

The Virtual Marketing Consultancy Package 

Bespoke concepts & strategies for your business from only £62 

If you struggle to know how to market your products and services, but also don’t have the budget for one to one advice from a marketing consultancy, we’ve developed a new concept that could be just for you. 

“Very good, clear information” 

Louise Flemming 

Our Virtual Marketing Consultancy Package gives you:

– Full profile of your ideal clients – business and/or consumer

– Breakdown of their psychological and personality traits

– Details of how and where to find them

– Advice on the types of language and designs you can use that will appeal specifically to those people

– Marketing statistics on the size of your potential client base

– 6 strategies written specifically for you that you can either manage yourself, outsource to a marketing company or use any way you wish… You own them.

PLUS a complimentary ebook with advice and helpful tips to get you finding more business quickly

“As a new business we don’t have much of a budget for marketing,

but Truesilver showed us a number of low-cost ways to promote

our cake company and we’re already seeing the results.”

Alan, Marketing Director,

How it works:

    1. Chose your package below
    2. We send you a username and password that gives you access to the Virtual Marketing Consultant.
    3. Spend 30 minutes to an hour entering the information requested.

    The questions ask about you, your business, your products and services, the types of clients already work with and the types of clients you want to work with.
    (You will not be asked to reveal specific details about clients, just general observations to help us create a psychological profile and develop the best marketing strategies for you)

    4. Once submitted one of our marketing consultants will use the information you’ve given to put together your marketing profiles and strategies, tailored specifically for you, and then email the full package to you.
    5. You can then manage those ideas yourself or outsource them to a marketing company. You own the ideas. You decide.

Whether you run an established business or a start up business, sometimes you might want some new ideas to help you get more customers. Sometimes you might feel a little lost and unsure how to generate new enquiries effectively.

Our new online package has been developed using the same marketing techniques and expertise that we use for our ‘offline’ marketing strategy package but with the use of our in-house technology we have streamlined the process so that we can offer you top quality advice for a reduced fee.

“Invaluable guidance”

Andy Adams, Andy Adams Photography

What that means to you

Effectively you get solid proven marketing advice worth £230. The advice is bespoke to you and your business and will give you some practical proven advice to generate more customers.

Because it’s the new school term and so many of our customers want to get on track ASAP for one week only, we’re offering new customers 50% off the Virtual Service

Just choose your preferred package below:

or contact us for more details.   Call 01767 222631

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Normal Price




“Thank you so much!” 

Amanda Powell 

“highly recommended” 

Samina Rashid, Kip McGrath Stevenage 

Telephone Marketing Planning for £130 

Having your own marketing plan and strategies can be a great way to get on the road to change. It’ll help you set your goals, decide on the best and most profitable target market and address all those challenges that you may be facing at the moment. 

Our plans include a full profile of your ideal clients; who they are, where they go and what kinds of marketing strategies they respond to. It also includes a marketing plan that will give you several avenues you can use to increase your lead generation and turnover in a systematic and results based way. 

You’ll speak with our experienced marketing team who will answer all your questions and find out all the information from you that will enable us to give you exactly the right strategies, bespoke for your business. 

Once the plan is completed and signed off, the concepts and strategies belong to you and you can either use them and manage them yourselves or we can manage them for you. 

Click here to request a call back 

Finding the right marketing strategy for you may be only half the challenge. Sometimes you may need help solidifying the ideas and reducing the risk – the last thing you want is to spend lots of money on something that doesn’t work or end up with too much business that you can’t handle. 

As part of our coaching and marketing programmes, we offer strategic support to help you veer your way through the minefields of options and questions so that you get the results you want. 

We have worked with 100s of companies throughout the country to help them find the best and most consistent way to generate the results they want. 

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If you don’t have time to generate enquiries yourself, why not talk to us about our marketing campaign services and we can help you build your business with the best clients possible. 

Some of the services we offer include: 

· Telemarketing 

· Event / Seminar Promotion 

· Email Marketing 

· Leafleting 

· Advert Management 

We have worked with 100s of different companies throughout the country to help them find the best and most consistent way to generate the results they want. 

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A quick question. When you think of marketing how many marketing techniques can you think of? If you can think of more than 20 you’re doing well. 

Did you know that there are over 107 ways to promote your business? And that some of the least known strategies give the best return for minimal investment! 

For everything you need to know about marketing and the psychology behind matching the best strategies to your target market, our marketing coaching will give you an insight into the best way forward for your company. 


Our services are ideal for owners of small or micro businesses with less 0 to 10 employees. We have worked with 100s of companies over the years and can help you too. 

Contact us today on 01767 222631 or email us at 

Working with us for just 4 hours over two months, face to face or over the phone, we can help you make massive in roads to raising your business to the next level. 

All our programs are bespoke to you and your business and focus on proven tactics and strategies that you can use to make a big leap forward. Coaching sessions last for one hour each and can be via phone or face to face, in your office or ours. Programs start from just £87.