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Expert domain transfer with no downtime

Transferring a domain should be an easy process when you know how. After years of experience moving domains for customers, we have discovered that finding a web company that knows the steps that are required to properly transfer a domain without downtime isn’t as common as you might think.

If your new web company is about to move your domain and hasn’t talked to you about downtime or the risks involved, then you might want to check the following…

Are they transferring it in the correct way?

Have they made sure that all previous domain information and DNS settings have been backed up? If they’re changing the nameserver, have they told you that this can take up to 48 hours to propagate (in other words for the internet to catch up with the changes) and if not actioned correctly, could mean your services are down during propagation?

That means both your emails and your website.

There are different methods for transferring domains depending on what type of domain it is.

All .uk domains require an IPS Tag from the NEW domain registrar

All .com .org .net domains require an authorisation code (usually called an Auth Code) from the OLD domain registrar.

Have they backed up?

Depending on the type of hosting you have, moving the domain can mean that all information is lost so it’s important that there are viable backups of not just the files on the hosting, the database and your emails as well.

We always create a few redundancy backups as well, just in case!

Planning the right time to transfer the domain

When we transfer a domain, we guarantee no downtime. However, for anyone new to transferring a domain, we recommend initiating the process at a time when your website and email is likely to be quietest.

Domain transfers can be a tricky business and vary from registrar to registrar. If you need help, please get in touch via our chat or contact page.