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COVID19 Business Update – Here to help!

It’s been a crazy, wonky time for many of us and I know it’s difficult to know who’s still open, where to get help with your website when you need it and how to stay on top of social media when you’re juggling working from home, kids, relatives who are self-isolating and everything else that goes along with these trying times.

If you do need help, we’re here for you. Whether that’s fixing glitches on your website, learning better social media techniques or marketing planning for the future.

While I’m still working from the office, with Mr Frost working tirelessly for the food sector behind me, the team are working from home and together we’re video conferencing and emailing our hearts out!

We’re open and we’re working flat out to support you and current clients wherever we can.

Contact us if you need help with any of the following pressing issues

🔸 WordPress issues
🔸 Website hacks
🔸 Getting access to a Facebook page that you own but someone else has been managing
🔸 Marketing planning for business loan applications
🔸 Any challenges you’re having with social media management
🔸 Issues getting a domain transferred from a previous designer

If you’re using this time to get things ready for a big marketing comeback such as

🔸 Increasing Facebook Engagement
🔸 Using Linkedin to engage more business people
🔸 Best ways to use Instagram
🔸 Learning how to social media more effectively
🔸 New starter website starting from just 90p a day
🔸 New animated, fully bespoke advanced site tailored to you

Just looking to talk to someone who knows marketing inside out and can give advice on I also offer marketing advice sessions on a pay as you go basis starting from £30 for an in-depth half hour session.