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Start 2020 in style with a positivity card!

Do you ever find it difficult to stay positive or focus on the good things that you have done with your business/in your life?

As great business people, we can often be very self-critical and find it hard to shout about how great we are.

Following a discussion at one of my networking events a few days ago, I remembered that not long after I started Truesilver I wrote out a positivity card that stayed in my wallet for years! Just a little reminder of some facts that made me smile and things to be proud of.

So what is it?

A positivity card is a little list of things about you and your business that no one can argue with – not even you!

Mine included words like creative, enthusiastic, great memory ( might have to rethink that one now I’m older and experiencing more senior moments!) and confident.

Each one is personal, so yours will vary, but it’s a great exercise to do every now and then.

Why create one?

With Winter Blues fully underway, the busy-ness of Christmas and resolutions for the next decade on the horizon, it can be very useful to remind yourself that you are pretty fab.

Here’s the how

Go through these questions and write some one or two word points. If something doesn’t apply to you, skip it. It’s all about getting a good list that you can then whittle down.

  1. What do you love about your job? It might be helping people, talking to people, creating whatever you create… write as many as you can.
  2. What personality traits do you like about yourself? If you’re outgoing and chatty, that’s great. If you’re quiet, but people like talking to you or confiding in you write that. If you’re more technical you’re probably gifted with great attention to detail. Or you might be great at seeing the big picture and leading people?
  3. For new businesses, what brought you to this industry? Was it a passion for this product or service? Did you spot a gap in the market? Why are you keen to make your business work?
  4. Do you have previous experience or knowledge? If you’re heading up an established business, how long have you been in the industry? Where does your knowledge come from?
  5. Where do your talents lie? We often bring other talents that aren’t necessarily to do with your industry to add extra value to what we do.
  6. Are there qualifications or accreditations that help you deliver what you do or differentiate you from others?
  7. Do you have reviews or testimonials? What words have people used about you? What about how friends and family describe you?

You should now have a nice list of things that are facts about how great you are! Now pick ten that mean the most to you and write them on a credit card sized piece of paper. All you need to do is find somewhere to put them where you can see them every day. On your computer or phone, in your office somewhere or your wallet.

Just remember to remind yourself how great you are on a regular basis!