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Too early to think about your January marketing?

December isn’t even over yet, you’re probably ‘snowed’ under with Christmas orders and pre-Christmas organising – but it really is time to think about your marketing strategies for January!

Being on the ball for January now, could mean the difference between missing the perfect time to be shouting about your upcoming strategies and catching the attention of all those people who are looking for bargains/the next new thing/to make a change in the New Year.

Here’s a couple of tips for getting ready now with the minimum of fuss…


1. Be clear about what your ideal customers might want in January
This isn’t always easy – for a new business especially. However, you can make it a little easier for yourself by asking some current clients, adding a poll to Facebook, or as a last resort, making a bet or guess (be prepared to adjust if the response isn’t quite what you want).


2. Think about what will grab your customers attention.
While it’s easy to fall into the trap of just giving money off, sometimes what customers really want is advice, or some small way of testing you out. So a free download, a quick quiz, an offer of a free initial session or something similar can really help grab them… especially if the follow up offer is then a discount. This can really help customers take that first step.


3. Put together a diary of actions.
Bear in mind what your customers are up to during the festive season and that you don’t need to wait until January to talk about January. Many people have extra time over Christmas and will be more susceptible to adverts IF YOU’RE TARGETING THEIR CURRENT NEEDS.

There’s some awesome times to post on social media while people are in the lulls between family time and the shops being open again. You can pre-prepare ideas now and set reminders to post, email, send out mail etc – or schedule for later.


4. Vary your style and medium
Some entrepreneurs prefer to use social media to get the message out, some prefer email, some website content and some even still prefer posted physical mail (I know – shocking right!?). Yet by including as many of these as possible and varying the way your message is put across slightly will mean that people aren’t being given the same repetitive content.

Think about creating memes, graphics, blog posts, handy hints, polls, vouchers and more to drive interest.
If you just don’t have the time to think about January yet, or you are struggling for ideas, why not book in a free marketing session with me and get a couple of great marketing ideas tailored specifically for you and your target market.