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3 reasons you don’t need a website

It’s shocking really – A web designer talking about not needing a website?! However, I’ve spoken to a few people recently that have very old websites, or no website at all, and believe, rightly or wrongly, that their website isn’t an important part of their business. It’s vital to how we help clients to respect their views about their own business. Most people who know me, know that one of my sayings is “Your business, your rules”.

So in the process of putting myself in my clients shoes, I realised there are some reasons not to have a website.

Reason One: You really do have too much business

Some business coaches might say that you then need to put up your prices. If you really are too busy and don’t want more business (it does happen) then that is a valid reason for not having a website. With most businesses, there’s natural attrition – meaning some clients will fall off the radar just because, well, life happens – but for some businesses they really are in high demand and people not being able to find them is a good idea.

I would suggest trying putting up your prices; for new clients, and possibly the more time-intensive clients, because if you’re in high demand that could be because you’re charging less than your best competitor and you’re actually worth more than you believe.

Reason Two: You’re selling your business

If you’re in the process of selling your business, then of course you shouldn’t need to invest in a website. Why would you? Just make sure that the telephone number for your business is being diverted to whoever is buying it and if not, may be suggest the new owner invests in a one page website that tells people what the contact details are – after all you don’t want to waste your time after the sale dealing with their phone calls.

Reason Three: You’re retiring

If you’re retiring, the last thing you want is to be messing around with a blooming website. A little suggestion for you though – have you thought about doing a deal with someone you trust where customers can contact them instead of you? You might be able to ask for some money in exchange, or just get the trusted contact to pay for things like a permanent diversion of phones, trying to make sure that people have the new contact details… just so that you’re not bothered by calls during your retirement.

However the actual reasons I hear for not updating or having a website are

1. People won’t search for my services online
2. I never get any business from my website
3. I don’t really understand how websites work
4. Websites cost too much

If this sounds like you, I’d suggest taking a look at where you are getting your business from and checking out what your competitors are up to.

People won’t search for my services online

Do you really know that people aren’t searching for your services online? Remember that there are generally several people involved in a decision and it only takes one of them to be internet savvy to search and end up finding someone else.

I never get any business from my website

Is the reason that you’re not getting business from your website because it doesn’t stack up against your competitors? If people have a choice between you and the next company / person, are they deciding to go with someone else because something in your website is putting them off? Or simply that their website is more attractive…

I don’t really understand how websites work

I am very passionate about giving business owners enough basic information to be able to make the right decisions and not over-complicating the website / marketing process. If you’re not getting a new website – or your first website – because you don’t understand them then that might be because you’ve spoken to someone who has filled your head with jargon rather than plain English. We all deal in the real world and the same principles that used to apply still stand. Your website should be like a shop window; inviting and giving people enough information that they want to walk in the door. Being found used to be about location, location, location. And it still is. Just now the location is where you are on Google, Facebook, Bing etc rather than just where you are in town.

Websites cost too much

I’m also extremely passionate about making great websites more accessible for small businesses. If you are looking for just a standard website from a professional web company with no bells and whistles, that is still Google friendly, you should be paying between £150 and £500. That should include training if you’re going to be updating the website yourself, though might include an extra charge if you want someone else to write the text and/or upload your text and images for you.

There are lots of other companies like us who also offer pay monthly websites, so there’s no up front fees. And if you’re just starting out, and £150 sounds too much, then have a think about just a one page website that looks pretty with your contact details on.

So as you can see, there are very valid reasons for not having a website, just make sure you’re using the right reason and not missing out on a more cost effective marketing strategy because of some misconceptions. If you need any help, try these articles:

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