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HTC One Mini Autospace

If you are also having problems with your HTC One Mini adding an automatic space after everything, then you’re not alone. Judging by our search on the internet, it’s pretty darn common and as no one else seems to have posted any suggestions on how to fix this problem, we thought we’d give you our solution which worked for us.

Firstly, the problem

The problem is with old HTCs you could save a lot of time teaching your phone new words by just mashing two words together and then saving that word to the dictionary.

For instance: Suppose the word jellybean isn’t recognised in your dictionary. To make jellybean you could type ‘jelly’ then ‘bean’ without a space and when ‘jellybean’ is underlined in red, just click and save to dictionary right?

Now on the new HTC One Mini you would instantly have ‘jelly bean ‘ instead of ‘jellybean’ and you either have to go back and delete each space or try and type it in again using ABC setting (eg non T9X)

Doesn’t seem that annoying right? Wrong.

Also, because the space doesn’t appear until you start typing the next letter, you can’t even delete it.

The problem comes when you’re using T9 (predictive text) to type web addresses and emails.

There’s nothing worse than having to correct “hot mail. com” over and over.

The current solutions

So far we’ve found various forums where the suggestions are to recallibrate the HTC keyboard

Not a bad suggestion, but it didn’t fix the solution for us.

We also tried changing the type of keyboard we were using from ‘Phone’ to ‘Full QUERTY keyboard’ with no joy.

We tried playing with the language settings – using English UK only then English US only then both. Still that spacebar kept popping up.

The ONLY think we’ve found as a ‘work around’ is to hold the smiley / emoticon option down and then go back to keyboard. It’s not perfect, but it’s at least a stop gap.

If you find a better solution, please message us on our Facebook page and we’ll be happy to discuss.