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What’s in a camera name?

Getting good images for your website or social media generally ends up being either a) expensive or b) a bit hit and miss.

Small businesses generally have a few options:

Stock photography

Which can look great, though a little impersonal. Stock photography is often reasonably priced which is a great advantage. But it can also be quite obvious that you’ve bought stock photography; so though it can look the part, using this type only can mean that customers don’t connect with your product or service quite as much as if you had more photos of your store, service, people and products.

Professional photography

Always the best option, but can be quite costly depending on who you use. The temptation is to call on a friend for some ‘mates rates’, which can be a great idea as a one off or in exchange for something they’re in need of, but we wary of being overly demanding of your photographer. I’m a firm believer that the happier your photographer the better the pictures they produce!

Make sure you ask your photographer exactly what you’re getting for your money. If you just want a large set of digital photographs, make sure you’re clear about that. Take a look at the photographer’s portfolio and make sure that their style suits what you are selling.

Taking photos yourself

If you have a reasonable phone or a reasonable camera, you can get some lovely shots for your website yourself. I’d suggest taking a lot of photos in natural light where possible, and let your own brand and personality shine through.

For products or venues, it is worth investing in a reasonable camera so that you can constantly keep your social media up to date with the latest goings on.

We like Canon, but whatever you decide to go for, a good brand will often mean good software – and that’s the part that makes digital cameras worth their money. Google some reviews and check out the pros and cons for each camera.

See the difference yourself…

Stock / professional photography

Mobile phone photography

Canon Digital Camera