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What not to do in a presentation

I’ll keep this a short bullet pointed blog. I think the title says it all…


« Talk negatively about people – especially clients

« Over use technology

« Flash gadgets or technology that you’re obviously proud of

« Boast about your successes or the failures of other people

« Leave distractions running in the background – such videos, computer screens or pictures that don’t fit what you’re saying.

« Keep looking off to one side (especially at those aforementioned distractions)

« Avoid eye contact

« Make jokes or generalisations about any specific country, job type, age or gender. If you feel the need to make jokes, they should be aimed at yourself which will make you seem more human.

« Have the heating on too high (the general consensus is that anything above 22 degrees will send people to sleep)

« Talk at people. Instead get interaction at least every 15 minutes from your audience.

« Fiddle with notes (or that dreaded technology incessantly)

« Name drop

« Repeat phrases over and over (you may want to video yourself for this one)

« Start exercises and then not discuss the outcomes.

« Rant. Especially about the state of the world.

« Put your hands in your pockets.

« Talk at the floor

« Be vague when answering questions, especially if it’s a training session.

« Sound bored with your own subject

« Over dress or under dress. It’s tricky, but judge your audience or have an easy way to dress down suddenly if needed.