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Just how good is your product?

In most factories, managers ask lots of questions, but never seem to ask themselves a crucial one…

Would their employees buy their product?

This might seem like a silly point, but think about it…. It can tell you a lot about your processes, organisation, employee loyalty and if you’re missing out on an easy captive market.

It can tell you whether your people, the people you actually depend on, have pride in what they do.

It can tell you whether every day people believe your product is worth owning or consuming.

It will also tell you whether your people work for you because they want to, or because they need to.

A smooth running operation has workers who are tied to the company, who believe in what they are doing. One of the smartest things Henry Ford ever did was stream line his operation to reduce the end market price, and increased his workers wages to the point when his workers became his customers.

I’m not saying hand out raises. But if you ask the question, even in the comfort of your own mind, you might be closer to having your employees work with you, rather than just for you