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Business Tips

You’ll often hear me say to clients that the problem is there isn’t one secret to success… there are hundreds! And knowing them all is a full time job in itself. Below are some great bullet point ideas to help you improve your business:

1. Set Goals.

It’s sometimes difficult for us to set motivating goals because we’ve been conditioned to want money and ‘stuff’. But think about what it would take for you to have the perfect year and write your goals around that. Then work out what you need to do in order to achieve what you want. Focus on the actions each day and just keep a little reminder in your purse or on your desk.

2. Enjoy yourself.
If your business isn’t fun for you then chances are you’re in the wrong business. You need to be doing something that you love, that gets you up in the morning and that adds quality to your life no matter how much money you’re earning. And if you used to enjoy it, but now you’re not, may be you could look at why and think about what’s changed.

3. Think about how you can help more people on a wider scale.
The people who make serious money in business are the ones that think big. You may not really be able to help clients who are outside a certain area, but what if you could? How would you do it? You don’t need to become a big name but the more people you can help the better!

4. Make buying easier.
We’re in a ‘want it now’ age. Many people don’t like to make big buying decisions. Think about how you can make it easier to buy your product or service. Great ideas are free trials or samples, low cost versions of what you do, packages, contract free services.

5. Make paying easier.
Did you know studies show that turnover increases once people can pay by card? Ideally you should be offering as many different ways to pay as possible – card, cheque, cash, BACS, standing order, direct debit, same day transfer etc. The easier you make it for your customers to pay, the more they will buy.

6. Have brainstorming sessions at least once a week.
It’s very easy to get into the habit of just working away without looking at how you can improve what you’re doing. Take a step back, go somewhere quiet and think about where your biggest challenges are, then think of ideas how to solve them. Ideally get someone else – a partner, friend, business coach – to help you perfect your ideas into real winning solutions.

7. Know your strengths.
None of us are perfect, though we can sometimes get very stuck on being more perfect. The best way to success is to accept that you can’t do it all and work out how you can outsource some of the work you do. You may be great at marketing, but hate bookkeeping. You may be great at managing your staff, but rubbish at doing paperwork. Whatever it is, know your strengths and play to them!

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