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Appointments made with intelligence and charisma 

Let’s face it, ideally you want another ‘you’ getting appointments and sales for you on the phone… 
. . . Someone who is intelligent, articulate and has the charisma to represent you and your company in the best way possible. 

That’s exactly what we offer! 

So what is good telemarketing? 

Good telemarketing should give you top quality appointments with your ideal clients, it should include excellent data with details about the conversations made and the person spoken to. If you’re using a good telemarketer you’ll hear comments like “I don’t normally speak to sales people, but it was great speaking to…” and “we had a lovely conversation” 

A good telemarketing company will also work on results. Either an appointment rate or similar, so that after the initial set up and consultation, you only pay when you get the outcome you want. 

What good telemarketing isn’t… 

… It isn’t those machines who leave strange messages or the types of calls you get at home in the evening. Business to business telemarketing is about making a connection for you and generating real value for your business. 

It also isn’t paid for on an hourly rate. We hear so many stories about companies who have paid out serious cash and got very little in return. 

It also isn’t about making an appointment with “just anybody”. We’ve made appointments with big names like Fish4, BSkyB and Disney Store, but what we specialise in is generating appointments with managing directors of medium size businesses. 

Need some help? 

There are lots of things you can use a telemarketing service for: 

    Building a database 
    Generating email addresses that are exclusive to you 
    Making appointments 
    Finding leads 
    Filling an event 
    Cleansing an existing database 
    Market research 

Talk to a marketing company that has specialised in building profits and sales for nearly 10 years. 

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