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Our new range of tailored coaching packages 

Want a business coach to work on a specific issue in your business? May be you don’t have enough time to do everything, or may be you want to get the best from your employees? We have a range of coaching packages that target the main issues that business owners face – no matter what size company they are. 

Extended Business Coaching 
Start Up Coaching 
Goals & Targets Coaching 
Marketing Coaching 
Sales Coaching 
Implementation Coaching 
Cashflow & Profit Coaching 
Time Management Coaching

Our services are ideal for owners of small or micro businesses with less 0 to 10 employees. We have worked with 100s of companies over the years and can help you too. 

Contact us today on 01767 222631 or email us at info@truesilver.co.uk. 

All our programs are bespoke to you and your business and focus on proven tactics and strategies that you can use to make a big leap forward. Coaching sessions last for one hour each and can be via phone or face to face, in your office or ours. Programs start from just £87.