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Looking for help with your marketing? Talk to us about WEB/SOCIAL/MARKETING for your small business
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Marketing Coaching

Marketing Coaching  

A quick question. When you think of marketing how many marketing techniques can you think of? If you can think of more than 20 you’re doing well. 

Did you know that there are over 107 ways to promote your business? And that some of the least known strategies give the best return for minimal investment! 

For everything you need to know about marketing and the psychology behind matching the best strategies to your target market, our marketing coaching will give you an insight into the best way forward for your company. 

Our services are ideal for owners of small or micro businesses with less 0 to 10 employees. We have worked with 100s of companies over the years and can help you too. 

Contact us today on 01767 222631 or email us at 

Working with us for just 4 hours over two months, face to face or over the phone, we can help you make massive in roads to raising your business to the next level. 

All our programs are bespoke to you and your business and focus on proven tactics and strategies that you can use to make a big leap forward. Coaching sessions last for one hour each and can be via phone or face to face, in your office or ours. Programs start from just £87. 

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Over the past year we have been developing a bespoke marketing package that can deliver guaranteed results - and we've succeeded!

With up to 500% increase in sales across the board, our new guaranteed packages give you a full marketing department, at a cost effective rate, with a money-back guarantee.

Get in touch to find out what that could mean for your business and how we can work together.

Free Customised Marketing Plan with your first month's package.