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Government Funding


Find out what’s available. . . 

There are over 100 grants and funds in the UK at the moment and, though you may not be eligible for all of them, for a business with employees there is generally some help available. 

We specialise in helping businesses search, apply and attain funding from a number of different sources. 

To find out what you may be eligible for, just enter your details below (or for one to one support call us on 01767 222631).

You’ll receive an email of your results from a preliminary search for funding in your region, industry and for your size of business. From there we can discuss if you would like any help applying to any of the funding bodies. 

Childcare Vouchers

Truesilver mainly deals with business grants, however, if you are an individual with children and the company you work for isn’t already providing you with these childcare vouchers, read this PDF to find out about whether your company is eligible and you can take advantage…

Job Title
Contact Telephone Number
Describe your Products and Services
When was the company started?
Your Industry
Number of Directors/Owners
Number of Employees (full or part time)
Other people involved in the business

What would you primarily like funding for?

Business Growth
Business Advice
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