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Twitter Search Tricks

Some quick handy Twitter Search tricks:

1. Remove Retweets by adding -rt to the search. Eg. Bedford -rt

2. Set a time limit using until: yyyy-mm-dd. Eg Biggleswade until:2014-01-06

3. Since can also be used in the same way since:yyyy-mm-dd.

4. Combine the two for a ‘between x and y’ search. Eg. Bedford since:2014-01-01 until:2014-01-06

5. Find tweets with links filter:links

6. Find an exact phrase by using quote marks (“) such as “Bedford UK”

7. Return an either/or string. Eg Bedford OR Biggleswade

8. To see tweets sent to a specific profile use to:truesilveruk

9. To see tweets sent from a specific profile use from:truesilveruk

For ways around the on going location search issues in Twitter, see Twitter Search: Find people local to you

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